How often should I water my terrarium?

We water ours once every two to three weeks - they prefer a dry environment. It is a good idea to add some plant food into the water every so often to ensure the terrarium is well stocked with nutrients. 

Should I spray my terrarium?

Don't spray your terrarium - succulents and cacti require watering at the base of the plant. Use a pipette and try not to get the leaves too wet. 

How much Sun does it need?

Cacti like plenty of direct sunlight. Our terrariums tend to focus on succulents which don't do well in scorching sun. If your succulent was initially short but is now stretching tall it means it's not receiving enough light and you might want to switch where you're keeping it. 

I'm stuck and don't know what my plant is doing...

Get in touch with us and send a picture, we should be able to help you out. 

Do you make bespoke pieces?

Of course! Get in touch with either a creative or budget based brief and we can put together a few ideas for you.