WORKSHOP RETURNS POLICY - Terrarium workshop tickets & vouchers are non-refundable, but are transferable if space and time allows. Workshop bookings can be moved to another slot deemed available by Heron Hawker staff. Notification of moving a workshop must be given by email 5 days in advance of the workshop taking place to give us time to fill your cancellation.

PRIVATE WORKSHOP BOOKINGS - Private workshop bookings may be moved 5 days in advance of workshop date.

SHOP RETURNS - CERAMICS & GLASSWARE - Ceramics and glassware may be returned within 28 days of purchase if product is return in condition sold. Used product will not be returned.

SHOP RETURNS - PLANTS & TERRARIUMS - We do not accept returns or refunds on plants and terrariums. If damage to a terrarium has occurred to the planting arrangement, we can refit the terrarium for a planting fee which will be arranged when bringing your item for the refit. If damage has occurred to the vessel, we can re-arrange the display if required but it is not compulsory for us to replace the glassware.