real and Artificial plant installation services across London

Bar Plant Installation London

If your space needs a little foliage let us know. As part of our plant installation services we visit your site and put together planting plans for both real and artificial plants. If you need large plants for the office, a living plant wall for your reception or a perhaps some hardy terrariums for the meeting rooms, we can work to a variety of budgetary or creative briefs. We pull together a team of florists and experts to build an artificial or real plant installation that creates impact for your space. 

We’ve worked on a variety of indoor planting briefs with big and small clients including:



Need to add a little extra jungle to your party? We offer a rental and purchase plan for real and artificial event plants. We’re up for a challenge so fire a full idea or a blank canvas our way and we can collaborate on your event.

- Hanging wedding displays & wedding terrariums

- Plant gifts for event attendees & favours

- On site terrarium plants and artificial flower crown workshops



Branded terrarium stones

Brand up a plant pot or create a batch of branded terrariums. Ideal gifts or additions to PR drops, these little guys make stylish impact for your brand.

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