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Corporate Terrarium Workshops - How do they work?

For a corporate terrarium workshop we replicate our studio setup at a clients office or event. We essentially load up our van with everything needed for your attendees to make an amazing gift whilst learning a new creative skill. We create a very informal and fun environment were people feel comfortable to experiment with planting a mini landscape to keep.

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Corporate terrariums London workshop - 100 shapes

To welcome new team members we were contacted by UX Design company 100 Shapes. They have a super creative team of designers and techie people who wanted something fun to do before a team night out. The answer? A succulent terrarium London workshop at the office with a few pre drinks to get the creative juices flowing.

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Team building terrarium kits workshop - Snapchat

This blog is a little throwback to our biggest ever corporate terrarium kits workshop with snapchat. The guys at snapchat have this super amazing meeting called council, where they discuss all kinds of things. Every now and then there is a creative council and we were asked to come along and host a terrarium workshop in each session.

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