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Pub installation

The Westbury on Westbury Avenue is one of our favourite places in north London. Recently they got in touch with a request to replace their winter candles with something a little greener for the summer, but also something capable of coping with heat! Heron Hawker supplied indoor plants in the form of cacti to solve this problem.

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How often should I water a Cactus?

We get asked this question a lot by our customers in our little London cactus shop. How often should I water a cactus?. It’s a tricky question, and it does depend on the cactus. Here is a general cactus watering rule we follow.

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How often should I feed a Cactus?

Cacti go through growing seasons. Generally speaking in the UK, a cactus will grow between March and October. Between October and March, so the colder six months of the year where natural light levels are a little lower, the cactus shouldn’t grow as much.

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