Artificial Plant Wall in London

We love doing a living wall installation but we also love an artificial plant wall installation too. We were asked to head over to Old Street Records and bring along our skills to turn a seating area on busy Old Street into a partially secluded space to sip a coffee.

artificial plant wall, artificial plants, artificial hedge, green wall panels

artificial plant wall, artificial plants, artificial hedge, green wall panels

What plants did we use in our artificial living wall installation?

We mixed together variegated and non variegated Ivy bushes and garlands. To break up the wall we also used artificial ferns to create pops of different shapes.

Now the little space outside just needs a tables and chairs and an iced coconut latte and you can enjoy the space. Not only does it carve out a space on the street and make it feel more green, it also makes the entrance coming into old street records look great.

Artificial Living Plant Wall installation services in London

Quick fire questions about artificial plant walls….

Where can you install an artificial plant wall?

We can install artificial plant walls (fake plant walls) across the UK though we tend to focus on London. The great thing about artificial foliage walls is that you don’t need the space for soil for the plants to grow from, and they’re not going to die on you if you’re a terrible plant parent. As they’re forever plants, you won’t need a maintenance contract to keep your living wall alive, saving you money in the long run.

Can you do a no obligation site visit?

Yeah of course! With all our plant installation services across Greater London we can pop over and visit the installation site free of charge.

How much is an artificial plant wall?

We build the walls using a variety of methods depending on the size, the level of coverage and the types of plants being used. Sometimes we work with a base matt and add to it, other times to achieve the look we’re going for we will build the artificial plant combination from scratch. Best thing to do is get us over to the site and we can put together some quotes for a ‘fake’ living wall.

Get in touch if you’re looking for someone to install an artificial plant wall or artificial foliage wall in London.