Evening Standard Workshop

Alocasia, alocasia macrorrhizos, alocasia sanderiana, alocasia varieties

Alocasia, alocasia macrorrhizos, alocasia sanderiana, alocasia varieties

We recently hosted a special workshop event with the Evening Standard and Get Living, teaching a group of people in East London how to look after indoor plants.

At Heron Hawker, we work to the belief that a plant friendly home is one where people have given their leafy friends the conditions they need and love. There's no point putting a humid-loving leafy alocasia next to your radiator. Likewise, your cactus won't forgive you for leaving it by the shower.


These terrariums are a clever way of bringing a mix of plants that enjoy similar environments together in a bright and warm spot in the house. Terrariums are perfect for windowsills, coffee tables and bookshelves. The trick with succulents is to make sure they're allowed to dry out between watering. Don't let them get a full blast of summer sun. Use a science pipette to water a terrarium, that way you're sure to prevent the plants from getting root rot by sitting in too much water.


When it comes to workshops, size isn’t a problem, we can cater for smaller groups in our shop, we can come to you if it’s a larger party, or we can explore finding a suitable location, like Tina We Salute you in Stratford - where we hosted this event.

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If you’re interested in booking a workshop, or want details on our prices, get in touch