London Large Plant Installation - The Three Crowns | Stoke Newington

The Three Crowns in Stoke Newington is a beautiful pub. The food by A La Mesa is wonderful and well worth checking out if you’re after something tasty. A La Mesa were looking to transform the venue and make it a little more sheltered and welcoming with some nice large plants. The space is filled with light so a variety of plants would exist happily in this pub installation.

What real and artificial plants were used in the installation?

A variety of Ficus, Polycasia and trailing Marble Queen Scindapsus. The Marble Queens will start to tumble down the internal pub walls impressively with the light levels and are just in reach for easy watering.

Artificial Plant Installation

We also created an artificial Codiaeum and Pilea leaf display above the pub/restaurant entrance to greet and send off visitors. Artificial plant installations in pubs are ideal as they can often fill a space with high ceilings, but don’t require any staff going up there to water them. Pubs often how lower light levels which again are perfect spots for artificial plants and foliage. We can help to create a super impactful display with quite a small surface area.

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