Artificial Plant Installation - Bar Elba, London

Artificial Plant installations in London create impactful year round beautiful coverage. We work with the client to create a blend of foliage and blooms that reflect the personality and theme of the space.

What was the artificial plant brief?

Bar Elba in Waterloo were looking to bring their pergola rooftop bar to life with a zero maintenance artificial plant installation. The space is themed around Napoleon’s exile in paradise, sounds pretty much perfect.

artificial plant, artificial plant installation, artificial plants uk

artificial plant, artificial plant installation, artificial plants uk

Artificial vine and foliage installation display. Artificial plants installation services london.jpg

What did we use?

We used a wide variety of artificial foliage and blooms for the installation. Everything from wisteria, grapes, bougainvillea, petunia and sweet pea. We used artificial pink and peach blooms to reflect the colourful walls at the rooftop bar.

We chose source points for our artificial plant, flowers and foliage installations.

How does the installation evolve?

We work with the client to refresh the display seasonally. We added a hint of glitter and sparkled for Christmas and will be back this Summer to make it pop with some new colours. If you’re looking for someone to come to your venue and put together a quote for an artificial flower or plant display let us know. We will come to the site and put together an artificial plant installation quote and plan without an obligation to use us. We can then work together to refine the design, the elements used and also the budget.